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If you're looking for some inspiration of gift ideas that other organisations have used to promote themselves then you've come to the right place.

Pictured are products that have been used for various sales and marketing purposes...

William Loud Bendigo International 2014 Pro Tour Awards

This beautiful trophy is made with a gloss black timber base and custom cut and designed acrylic plates on all four sides. Based on the shape of a poppet head, and featuring stunning Bendigo Tourism photos this is a truly unique award.

Click on the image to find out more about our custom designed awards

Bendigo Truck Centre

Dale Milsom is all smiles while picking up his Waeco Ice Box. 

It's bound to attract a crowd when filled with some give-aways at The Bendigo Truck Centre Open Day, The Elmore Field Days site & The Bendigo Camping & Leisure Show. 

Ice boxes are a fantastic way to promote sponsors too as you have 5 full colour printed stickers to fill with branding. 

 Click on the images to view the product for more information. 

St John of God

These reusable coffee cups are sure to please everyone at St John of God.

Reuseable coffee cups are a fantastic way to put your promotion into the palm of your customers hands. The practicality of these cups ensures your band has a long shelf life in the minds of your everyone who has one.  

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Harley Central Bendigo

Greg is looking fantastic modelling Harley Centrals new beanies. 

Beanies are a fantastic addition to any business, organisation or club. They can be used for fundraising, as a bonus giveaway with a purchase or even just for your team to wear, making it the perfect practical promotional tool.

 Click on the image to view the product for more information

Bendigo Health Emergency Department Conference Notepads

As spring hits it’s a popular time of year for conferences and here’s a great shot of Di & Kate from Bendigo Health who have the ‘Bendigo Health Emergency Department Conference’ coming up. 
They’re picking up their ‘Eco Friendly’ notepads, made from recycled paper and custom printed.

Click on the image to view the product for more information. 

Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst

This pack was created for the Catholic Dioceese of Sandhurst and included a completely re-useable bagpen and travel cup.

It's the perfect give away pack to promote anything and everything with all items custom printed.

Click here or on the image to find out more information about the Koffee Kup Travel Cup. 
Click here to find out about the beautifully stylish Delta Pen.
Click here to find out about the practical and versatile Tote Bag.